“Do horses like to eat fish?”…

Here is a little anecdote that caused confusion on the part of the building authorities…

An agricultural business must prove that it has enough land available to theoretically produce 1/3 of the roughage required for its animals itself.
So our clients have to prove that they have their own land and, if necessary, leased land.

We therefore submitted a building application and took this information from the client and attached it. Mr. Bruns gets around a lot, but even he doesn’t know every corner of our country.

When he received a call from the building authority asking him, “Do horses actually like to eat fish?” he was quite taken aback.
No, of course horses don’t eat fish… but one of the areas indicated was actually a lake…!

After a smirk on all sides, however, this situation was quickly resolved by proving that the area was elsewhere.

Oh, if only it were always that easy…..

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Are you planning a project?
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