Did you actually know… ?

… that you also need planning permission to build a riding arena, for example?

At least in Germany an outdoor riding arena is not a classic “building”, as you may think.
And of course you are right.

However, a riding arena also represents an intervention in the natural soil zone. Topsoil is removed, a layer of gravel is laid and compacted. The footing layer introduces materials that are important for the horse’s health but are not of natural origin.

If you opt for an ebb and flow system, you can even seal the entire surface 100%.

The set up of pasture shelters may also be subject to approval.
On the one hand, this is required by veterinary law, but sometimes it conflicts with landscape protection. ?                                                                                                      At least in Germany. Maybe in other country it is easier!

EQUUS DESIGN PLANUNG guides you safely over the slippery slope of the often confusing and incomprehensible German building laws.

Are you planning a project?
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Are you planning a project?
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Construction of a riding arena with an ebb and flow system